Software Engineers

POSITION: Software Engineers
POSITION DESCRIPTION: Design and code high-volume software, develop DaoDao SEM (Search Engine Market), and resolve infrastructure problems. Responsible for data warehouse development and maintenance, creating tools to support, implementation, and aggregating big data migration, and preparing release on staging cluster bi-weekly. Develop internal tools for Content Team and Commerce reporting. Monitor and maintain internal development infrastructure and resolve any issues that may arise. Monitor data warehouse report jobs and content tools and fix any issues that may arise.
REQUIREMENTS: Employer will accept Masters degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related technical field and 1 year of work experience in job offered or 1 year of work experience in a software engineer-related occupation. Experience must include: 1) Designing, coding, and debugging using Java or equivalent OO language; 2) Data structures; 3) Design patterns; 4) Algorithms; 5) Web technologies; 6) Bash; 7) Git or similar version control systems; 8) Scripting language Perl, Python, or Ruby equivalent such as PHP; 9) Json; 10) Jenkins; 11) Linux; and 12) Developing features on large scale, highly distributed system. Fluency in Chinese (Mandarin) required. Experience may be gained concurrently.
Job #: 10173.82
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