Senior Software Engineers

POSITION: Senior Software Engineers
POSITION DESCRIPTION: Develop, deploy, and maintain consumer facing features of company website. Responsible for all aspects of software engineering, from design to implementation and maintenance. Plan and deliver team projects, working in close coordination with product managers. Monitor server functionality for performance, security and issues. Communicate status with stakeholders and improve team efficiency. Specifically, plan, develop, implement, and maintain server applications using Java, Python, Ruby, SQL and NoSQL technologies. Responsible for development, implementation, and maintenance of API for applications based on platforms using Objective C, Java, iOS SDK, Android SDK.
REQUIREMENTS: Employer will accept Masters degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related technical field and 3 years of work experience in job offered or 3 years of work experience in a software engineer-related occupation. Experience must include: 1) Java, Objective C; 2) Linux, Unix, Mac OSX; 3) Apache, Jetty; 4) Algorithm development and coding of high-volume software; 5) TCP/IP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS; 6) Mobile applications, Core data; 7) Python, Ruby; 8) iOS, Android; 9) XML, JSON; 10) PL/SQL, SQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite; 11) Agile methodologies; 12) REST, API development; 13) Cloud computing; 14) Social media applications development; 15) Project planning and management; and 16) Web frameworks, Memcached, NoSQL. Experience may be gained concurrently.
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